16 Week Writing Challenge: Week 7 (pip-pip and all that)

The metrics:


  • 1 chapter complete
  • 4,408 words typed
  • 630 (average) word count per day
  • 12:23 spent writing total
  • 1:46 (average) spent in daily writing
  • 71,514 total word count


  • 2 novels in-progress
  • 2 novels complete
  • 344 pages read
  • 11:39 spent reading
  • 1:38 min.(approx. average) spent in daily pleasure reading


  • 1:53

Saturday nights are family time at the Clark household. My wife generally picks what we do. This time, it was movie and junk food night. Per the rules of my contract (with myself, of course), I am only allowed to watch television/movies/Netflix/etc. when asked by her or my son, or when the social occasion calls for it. This rider will stay in effect until the end of the 16 Week Writing Challenge, or until I finish the book — whichever precedes the other, naturally.

Anyway, enough of the that, and why does my writing take on a British parliamentary air when talking about contracts?


My writing numbers went down this week. I’m in the hole 1:37 starting tomorrow. I never want to be in this position on Monday, but sometimes there’s nothing I can do. My quota, if it can be called that, is fourteen hours a week of good, hard-nosed, new writing. Most of you that follow me already knew that. This is equal to two hours of daily typing. This week, however, was all about resumes and job hunting.

I graduate this May. My wife is going back to school when I’m done. My kid won’t stop outgrowing his clothes. We like to have a roof over our heads. Running water is always a plus. I’m a fan of food, too. So’s my family.

I need a job. Simple as that.

But this doesn’t give me an excuse to stop writing. It’s just another thing to manage. I’ve rather liked the job hunting experience so far. So many choices for a recently graduated writer, especially if you’re experienced in a plethora of different fields like I. My hope is that these Navy credentials of mine, and all that technical stuff I learned over those six years in the service, are finally going to pay some dividends.  I can only pray this will be true.

I did fit in a good bit of reading though this week, all my numbers up from last week’s shameful performance. My goal for the next seven days is to finish Blood Meridian at all cost. It really is an incredible novel, and will be studied for years. But when I’m done, I might have to pick up the latest Mitch Albom just to restore my hope in humanity. Whoa! This book is violence. Period. Now you know.

Oh, and writing through a cold or sickness is a must. This is not an excuse to lay off the words. I’ve been sick for over two weeks now. Finally getting over it, as I always do. Never stopped writing no matter how red my nose became, how gravelled my throat felt, or even when my coughing woke everyone up. I write, I write, I write.

So should you.



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Writer, veteran, adult student, husband and father; life is busy! I love it though, and my hopes are to share with you my insights into these different roles, as well as to provide some experience-based tips on how to cope with the chaos they can bring. If even one of these different areas of life piques your interest then this might be the place for you. Welcome!

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