Sample from my upcoming memoir. Week# 3.

As promised in the 16 Week Writing Challenge, I will be putting up samples of work I did from the preceding week.


From my memoir in progress, Down Ladder: A Submariner’s Tale.

“Eight-Count Bodybuilders! Begin.”

I dropped down like a bullet traced my scalp. I started into them. I was a machine unbalanced, pressed, at its limit. My operator was exceeding the threshold. Any minute now springs, bolts, and sprockets would fling off into the compartment around me. I was sick to my stomach. My innards were only tethered together by skin. Soon, it would rupture. Sacks of blood and pus and liquidated bone-marrow would start flooding out of me. I couldn’t breathe. I was shaking. My body was crashing. The heat. Damnit, the heat of the compartment at that time was edible, and I was devouring hot by the mouthful.

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Writer, veteran, adult student, husband and father; life is busy! I love it though, and my hopes are to share with you my insights into these different roles, as well as to provide some experience-based tips on how to cope with the chaos they can bring. If even one of these different areas of life piques your interest then this might be the place for you. Welcome!

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